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I need a change!

2011-02-21 13:35:04 by Left4DeathInFire

I have been on a hiatus trying to recollect myself from a very bad blow to the heart and now that I am back, I am feeling a need for a fresh start so, I have decided to create a new account at http://www.lefyboy.newgrounds.com/ , If this offends or saddens anybody I am sorry. I will now be posting all animations and games to this account. Here is to a fresh start, R.I.P. Left4DeathInFire!

I joined The Spritas...

2010-10-30 10:08:44 by Left4DeathInFire

and I must say I have a knack for sprite animating. I am still pretty novice but, look here:

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I don't know if I will upload some of them here because people here HATE sprites plus me being a novice, I have a feeling in my gut that they will get blammed. I am working on a new project called

Kyaro Strikes Back!

I may submit that here because so far, It is going good.


(Gypsy) Time Spaced!

2010-10-08 16:44:23 by Left4DeathInFire

'nuff said.


2010-09-22 15:38:03 by Left4DeathInFire

MADNESS DAY! I didn't do anything okay!

Arcade Minis!

2010-09-20 22:25:31 by Left4DeathInFire

I am making a game series called Arcade Minis! They are small games themed around those old big bulky arcade thingys. Look out for 'em!

Left4DeathInFire Vs. The Animation!

2010-09-12 17:56:49 by Left4DeathInFire

I made a flash animation! It isn't good at all but, I am happy with it. I made a youtube page and posted it on there, This masterpiece is called Circle to Face to Sun. It was done in flash. I didn't want to post it to newgrounds because I knew it was to be blammed.

/* */
Comment on what you think and tell me how I can improve myself. This is FBF by the way.

EDIT: I made a new one, I think it is better than the other one. Here it is!

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I know, it sucks right. I won't be able to work on stupid shit non-stop anymore sooo, expect less shit. Expect some stuff that was taken time on it. I am trying to get more determined on stuff now. Even though the school system is a faggot.

The Ultimate Pair!

2010-08-31 17:40:25 by Left4DeathInFire

RockOn12 is the nicest guy I have ever met, If you want to do a project with a great person contact him.

Cursors and Trails 2!

2010-08-23 19:23:52 by Left4DeathInFire

So, Me and RockOn12 has been thinking about making a sequel to Some Cursors and I said well yeah let's do it but, let's expand it a bit shall we? So, I am trying to get people to join and make cursors and trails.
Make a Fancy or Funny Cursor or Trail.
We haven't decided on a date, yet.
Anyone Can Join!
I am using Adobe CS4, which can work with both CS4 and CS3 files, RockOn12 on the other hand, I have no clue.
If you are doing a cursor, I prefer you make it and code it in flash, There is no need for FPS unless you are animating in that case, use 24 FPS.
If you are doing a trail, I prefer it is no larger than 300x300 px. and MUST be a .png file. Text is allowed. If you do not know how to code either a cursor or a trail it is okay, We will do it for you.
I would prefer that everyone do 1 of each type at least.
Co-Authors will be determined by how many submissions you have and the quality of your submissions.
Additional Parts or features will be decided at notice.
If you would like to join comment here or PM either me or RockOn12.

Go Check out RockOn12's Some Cursors, To see some cursors trails we did together.